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Security Researcher
Dr. Balázs Pejó

Dr. Balázs Pejó is a distinguished researcher affiliated with the CrySyS Lab at BME, where he specializes in the domains of Privacy and Security in the context of Machine Learning.

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Work & Organizational Psychologist
Blanka Balogh

Blanka Balogh is a work and organizational psychologist and a lecturer at BME. As part of her PhD research, she developed a career well-being program that helps employees to better understand their vocational goals and improve their well-being. 

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Engineer & Women's Rights Advocate
Maria Bibi

Maria Bibi is a remarkable woman from a small patriarchal village in Pakistan. Against all odds, she and her sister became the first women in their community to earn college degrees and secure employment.

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Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer, World Traveller
Aliz Ertler

Aliz Ertler has almost 30 years of global experience in both business and charity, in different areas like books, performances, schools, people, and animals. She's lived in many places, including her home country, Hungary. She's also done volunteer work in Amsterdam, Swaziland, and China.

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Engineer & Researcher
Abdelaziz Ibrahim

Abdelaziz Ibrahim's incredible journey began as he faced mandatory military service, which presented a significant challenge to his aspirations. Despite being forbidden to study for university at the military camp, Abdelaziz's determination and resourcefulness shone through.

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Researcher & Associate Professor
Dr. István Vokony

Dr. István Vokony earned his degree as an electrical engineer from BME and subsequently obtained a degree in engineer-economics from the Corvinus University of Budapest. His educational journey continued as he achieved the remarkable accomplishment of defending his doctoral thesis with the highest honors, summa cum laude, at the Doctoral School of Electrical Engineering, Energetics, and Electrical Engineering.

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Researcher & Assistant Professor
Dr. Mátyás Szántó

Dr. Mátyás Szántó, a distinguished Computer Science PhD, currently lends his expertise to the field of computer vision research at the esteemed Vision Lab, BME. With a primary focus on machine vision applications for autonomous vehicles, Dr. Mátyás is at the forefront of cutting-edge technological advancements.

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Architect, Urban Designer, Associate Professor
Árpád Szabó DLA

Árpád Szabó DLA is a distinguished professional in the fields of architecture and urban planning. As the head of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), he plays a pivotal role in shaping the education of future architects and urban planners. His position as an associate professor at BME reflects his commitment to both teaching and conducting cutting-edge research in these disciplines.

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Work and Organizational Psychologist, Assistant Professor
Dr. Linda Szijjártó

Dr. Linda Szijjártó is a dedicated expert in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology. Her professional roles include serving as a university assistant professor and specializing in organizational development. Dr. Szijjártó's research centers on the unique challenges encountered by mothers who are navigating their way back into the labor market.

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Manager, Engineer
Dr. Sándor Kling

Dr. Sándor Kling is an exceptional individual who has made significant contributions to the world of engineering and sports. Dr. Kling made history as the first person to enter Formula 1 from the Hungarian education system, setting a pioneering example for aspiring motorsport enthusiasts in his home country.

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Organizational Development Specialist, Talent Expert, Historian
Kutsera Róbert

Kutsera Róbert is an accomplished project manager and organizational developer who primarily focuses on talent acquisition and development, as well as the adept management of organizational change processes. His expertise lies in facilitating the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

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Social Entrepreneur, Product Designer
Ágota Ráhel Tóth

Ágota Ráhel Tóth is the co-founder of Y-Side, a social enterprise dedicated to helping young candidates navigate and conquer the challenges of the job market, particularly in knowledge-intensive industries.

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