Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer, World Traveller

Aliz Ertler

Aliz Ertler has almost 30 years of global experience in both business and charity, in different areas like books, performances, schools, people, and animals. She's lived in many places, including her home country, Hungary. She's also done volunteer work in Amsterdam, Swaziland, and China. Aliz worked as a freelance graphic designer and marketer for a while. Now, she lives in Badacsonyörs with her husband, where they have a small guesthouse.

Yet, it's not just her career and wanderlust that make Aliz an intriguing personality. Having explored 100 countries worldwide, she possesses an inexhaustible treasure trove of captivating travel anecdotes. These stories serve as powerful vehicles for celebrating diversity, advocating tolerance, and challenging preconceived notions.

Her talk asks us to celebrate differences instead of being afraid of them. It reminds us that the things that bring us together are more important than the things that divide us.