Researcher & Associate Professor

Dr. István Vokony

Dr. István Vokony has an impressive academic and professional background. He earned his degree as an electrical engineer from BME and subsequently obtained a degree in engineer-economics from the Corvinus University of Budapest. His educational journey continued as he achieved the remarkable accomplishment of defending his doctoral thesis with the highest honors, summa cum laude, at the Doctoral School of Electrical Engineering, Energetics, and Electrical Engineering.

Dr. István's dedication to research and learning extends to the Doctoral School of Economics and Organizational Sciences, where he explores the corporate models within the sustainable electricity industry. He actively participates in and leads numerous local and international research and development projects, earning recognition from various esteemed organizations for his contributions.

His primary area of expertise lies in the intricate realm of system integration effects associated with renewable energy production. Additionally, he excels in dynamic stability analysis, synthetic inertia, and network analysis.