Work and Organizational Psychologist, Assistant Professor

Dr. Linda Szijjártó

Dr. Linda Szijjártó is a dedicated expert in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology. Her professional roles include serving as a university assistant professor and specializing in organizational development. Dr. Szijjártó's research centers on the unique challenges encountered by mothers who are navigating their way back into the labor market. She is deeply committed to understanding and addressing the specific issues these mothers face, aiming to contribute to a more supportive work environment.

On a practical note, Dr. Szijjártó actively develops and organizes workshops tailored to the needs of mothers seeking to re-enter the workforce. These workshops are designed to provide valuable insights and resources, aiding mothers in their conscious and well-prepared journey back into the world of work. With her dual role as a researcher and workshop facilitator, Dr. Szijjártó brings both academic knowledge and practical solutions to the forefront of this important societal issue.